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RE: crond stops after logging off

I managed to start the crond and let it stay on running after logoff by
doing "/etc/init.d/crond start &" as root. 

The problem I had seems to be related to the fact that we cannot login as
root directly. We have to login as regular user first using secured id, then
su to root. It happens twice already. If I su to root and then do "service
crond start" and logoff, the crond process is lost. It took me a while to
realize that it was me who actually terminated the crond!



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On Mon, 24 Jan 2005, Chu, Conway wrote:

> I login as a regular user and then su to root. Use "service crond 
> start" to start the crond deamon then logoff. But login again and use 
> "service crond status", it displays that the pid exists but the 
> process is no longer available. Looks like crond terminates after 
> logging off.  Question is, besides starting crond at boot time, how to 
> start crond and let it run and able to logoff"?

Crond isn't dependant on your being logged in.

You should probably do "service crond status" after you've started it, to
see if it's really still running.

Then, you'd do well to check /var/log/cron and /var/log/messages for any
errors or other messages that might give you an idea of what's going on.
Mike Burger

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