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Re: Changing systems so all text shows as white not multicoloured text.

Andrew Bridgeman corusgroup com wrote:
I am in the process of making allot of changes to our existing Redhat
machines we run version 7.1/7.3 8.0 WS and AS. It is sending my eyes funny
looking at multicoloured text all the time especially the Blue text which i
can hardly read. Is there a way of changing all of my machines so they show
text as white instead, i realised this is a small issue but it would really
help me know end at the moment. Any help is much appreciated.

Since you didn't say where this multicolored text is showing up....I am going to guess that it is in the "vi/vim" editor.

If so....


has excellent documentation....

My .vimrc file has....

set nohls
syntax off

and one of them does it...but it is too early in the AM to figure it out.


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