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Is anyone on the list using "formmail" CGI script on their RH Apache implementations?



I've been using FormMail (well known, I'm sure) CGI script on my Apache
servers for 5-6 years and never had a problem.

I recently upgraded from RH9 to FC2 and FormMail no longer works.
Rather, I keep getting 500 errors on the server.

I tested the script from command line and it's fine, the path to the
script is good as well as the permissions.

When I review error_log for Apache it shows Premature end of script
headers: FormMail.pl

I wonder if the issue is a version of the Perl, on FC2 it's version 5.9
and on RH9 I run 5.8.


I know there are bunch of sites out-there specific to CGI and perl
issues, but I've been unable to locate decent help.

If someone is familiar with the script but uses something else instead
(i.e. Java script) please suggest it.


Many thanks in advance,




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