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Re: Is anyone on the list using "formmail" CGI script on their RH Apache implementations?

At 09:47 AM 1/26/2005, Sebastijan Petrovic wrote:

I recently upgraded from RH9 to FC2 and FormMail no longer works.
Rather, I keep getting 500 errors on the server.

I tested the script from command line and it's fine, the path to the
script is good as well as the permissions.

You could rig up a simple script as a driver using Perl's LWP::UserAgent package to post to the script from a command line script and check if there's a problem which is not web specific. I'm thinking it dies at the sendmail cmd, which you could check by turning on autoflush ($|=1;) then printing something before and after the open to sendmail line.

If someone is familiar with the script but uses something else instead
(i.e. Java script) please suggest it.

I'm a web developer and wouldn't suggest Javascript because it's client dependent. Once you get something working on your server it's likely to remain stable - present exception noted. :)

My own formmail is free for download, or web based install from my website. If there is a problem will be happy to help you debug it.

If you haven't verified that it is in fact possible to generate an email on your new server from a script then it would be my favorite theory of where the problem is. Are you using sendmail, or the site's SMTP server? My script supports either method, with just a bit of code change that I'll help with if you want.

Hope this helps,


Marty Landman, Face 2 Interface Inc. 845-679-9387
Search & Sort Easily: http://face2interface.com/Products/FormATable.shtml
Web Installed Formmail: http://face2interface.com/formINSTal

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