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FTP client block

Hello every one,

Any idea will be very appreciative, because I’m stock with this problem,

I develop a FTP client program (with gcc) and is work fine with 5 different
entities (3 windows FTP server, and 2 NetWare FTP server), but when other
Netware FTP server the client program is blocking at start to interact with
the server, is like if the FTP server not respond, but if I try manually
with shell the server woks fine, I try to send different command and

(I have not access to the FTP server, it is a external company and they will
not provide any help)

This is a interaction using the Linux ftp client (from shell)

[root ramaclinux ftp]# ftp -d

Connected to

220 FTP server (NetWare v4.11) ready.


500 'AUTH GSSAPI': command not understood.


500 'AUTH KERBEROS_V4': command not understood.

KERBEROS_V4 rejected as an authentication type

Name ( guest02

---> USER guest02                      (it take like 5 seconds to respond)

331 Password required for guest02.



230 Successful Login

---> SYST

215 NetWare system type.

Remote system type is NetWare.

ftp> close

---> QUIT

221 Goodbye.

ftp> by

As you can see the FTP server answer fine.

This is an interaction from my FTP client FTP

Conecting to ...

220 FTP server (NetWare v4.11) ready.


And Never respond!!

The tcpdump result for the fisrt example are:
14:42:22.266330 > S
923128954:923128954(0) win 5840 <mss 1460,sackOK,timestamp 484894093
0,nop,wscale 0> (DF)

14:42:22.290053 > . ack 1314115281 win
5840 (DF)

14:42:22.317446 > . ack 55 win 5840
(DF) [tos 0x10]

14:42:22.317833 > P 0:13(13) ack 55 win
5840 (DF) [tos 0x10]

14:42:22.351434 > P 13:31(18) ack 99
win 5840 (DF) [tos 0x10]




And for the FTP client program:

14:45:49.447851 > S
1146613991:1146613991(0) win 5840 <mss 1460,sackOK,timestamp 484914811
0,nop,wscale 0> (DF)

14:45:49.478695 > . ack 1314175633 win
5840 (DF)

14:45:49.506095 > . ack 55 win 5840

14:45:49.506410 > P 0:12(12) ack 55 win
5840 (DF)

14:47:22.733207 > F 12:12(0) ack 55 win
5840 (DF)

This is the line where it block!!

Any help,

Thank you, regards.

 Marco Antonio Ramos

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