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If you have cups problem could be ...

I hope this help you in future, because for me was stressfully

The problem was:

I configure a  Linux server to print on Windows 2000 server shared printer
using cups and smb, works fine for a few days, but suddenly stop to work,
and if I try to print I received un access error (to print and to
configuring), I search and not fount the exactly answer, I reinstall
everything and cups work fine again, but the same ! after a few days stop to
work, but this time it send an error like “cannot create child process 25”.

Question: why cups work a few days and after stop to work?

Answer: The error log file (/var/log/cups/error_log) is growing to much
(2.5gb), I just clean it and work fine again with out reinstall or correct
any configuration on cups.

So I have to check what is happen with erro_log file and the problem is


Take care.

 Marco Antonio Ramos

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