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RE: sendmail -smart host

Did you look at the /etc/mail/access file?

Do you have	RELAY

Line in it?

Did u make: 

make -C /etc/mail 

after you changed the sendmail.mc file?

Anže Vidmar, RHCE, LPIC-2

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Subject: sendmail -smart host

I tried to  see if there is any sendmail mailing list but all they had
was an announce list. if yu know any other please let me know.
Therefore I am posting my question here.

I am trying to set up a smart host for sendmail (sending all mail
through our mail server smtp engine).
The internal Ip of the mail server is

Here is what I added to sendmail.mc file:


and then I used m4 macro to compile sendmail.cf and restarted sendmail.

When I try to send an email it bounces back:

here is what I get when I send an email to this address:

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