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Disk storage on Redhat & Win2000 client



Here is the scenario:


OS Is Redhat, kernel 2.6.11 with HP MSA20 storage (Raid5 configured) and connected thrue SCSI adapter.

The Storage works fine, the only client that is accessing it is win2000 server. It's used to copy a large amount of data (100, 200Gb) to the storage. 


The problem is, on every month or so, the server (win) looses the conectivity with the storage (lit's like the storage wouldn't exist) and there is no other way to reconnect it again, but to restart the Linux server. SCSI cable was replaced with the new one and Firmware was upgraded but it's still happening. (There is no logs on this subject on the Win* machine, whatsoever).


I don't know where to look for source of the problem anymore. 


Anyone have any ideas?


Anže Vidmar, MCP, MCSA, MCSE, MCDST, Linux  RHCE, LPIC-2 
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