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Re: Fedora

I'm not sure this is the correct list, but anyways....

On Thu, 2005-06-02 at 07:39 -0400, Tom McCaffrey wrote:
>  I managed to get rid of that error by blowing off the partitions that
> Linux had created (using delpart) and instead of booting up on a 98 floppy and fdisking - I just left
> the drive un-partitioned.
You really don't need to create partitions with DOS fdisk and such...
Fedora can do that with Disk druid. No need to sreate partitions before

> However, my next attempt at loading it resulted in my being told that disk 2 is wrong.. No matter
> which disk I put in or how many times I put disk 2 back in.
You can't just switch disks after installation was allready made and MBR
was written. There are disk slices/partitions info writen in /etc/fstab
file, therefore switching disk will cause a kernel panic (if you don't
manualy change the file before switching disks)

Just a thought... Did you try to let Fedora to automaticly create
partitions for you?


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