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Re: Disk storage on Redhat & Win2000 client

On Thu, Jun 02, 2005 at 10:06:12AM +0200, An?e Vidmar wrote:
> OS Is Redhat, kernel 2.6.11 with HP MSA20 storage (Raid5 configured)
> and connected thrue SCSI adapter.

The first question about what you're really running may have been a bit
tactless, but your response really put me in mind to skip considering your
problem.  Please remember--everyone here is a volunteer, not a paid drudge.

That said, what distro you're running *is* a useful bit of information.

> The problem is, on every month or so, the server (win) looses the
> conectivity with the storage (lit's like the storage wouldn't exist)
> and there is no other way to reconnect it again, but to restart the Linux
> server. SCSI cable was replaced with the new one and Firmware was upgraded
> but it's still happening. (There is no logs on this subject on the Win*
> machine, whatsoever).

I rather doubt you need to restart the server--have you simply stopped
and restarted the Samba services?  *If* that works, my suspicion is
it's something with Samba services, not the OS in general; the fact
that it fails on such a long baseline makes me suspect something like
a memory leak.  A Q'n'D workaround until a permanent fix is found would
be to schedule a SMB restart periodically, while checking for updates.

Relax a bit, and g'luck,
	Dave Ihnat
	ignatz dminet com

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