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RE: Fedora

We've installed Fedora Core 3 and using this Linux box as our firewall.
Provided that we didn't have any initial problems with hardware (which we
had a problem with a NIC and an old hard drive that didn't have hardly any
space), the installation went fairly well off and the box has been in
production for quite a while now.

Robert Williams
Programmer / Web Developer / Network Administrator
Covenant Data Systems, Inc.
rwilliams covenantdata com  

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I have to admit that I'm not really impressed with Fedora Project.
My first attempt at loading it earned me a million error messages about the
heads being less than
256.. (heads<256) and I managed to get rid of that error by blowing off the
partitions that
Linux had created (using delpart) and instead of booting up on a 98 floppy
and fdisking - I just left
the drive un-partitioned.
However, my next attempt at loading it resulted in my being told that disk 2
is wrong.. No matter
which disk I put in or how many times I put disk 2 back in.
Maybe I should be installing without gui?

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