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RE: Fedora

We got the Fedora Core DVD (only 1 DVD) which came with the Fedora Core 3
Bible.  I recommend that.  And it's not too pricey (about 20 bucks or
something like that).

Robert Williams
Programmer / Web Developer / Network Administrator
Covenant Data Systems, Inc.
rwilliams covenantdata com  

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On Thu, 2005-06-02 at 09:38 -0400, Tom McCaffrey wrote:

> Well, during the install, it stops and asks me to insert the second core
install CD... which I do and
> fedora doesn't seem to think it's the correct cd.
> For that matter, it doesn't think any of the cd's are the 2nd cd. (there
are four cd's)
Hmmm, interesting. Did you download CDs from the official Fedora ftp?
Check for md5 sum, just in case. Next, verify that your CDs are ok
before setup! 


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