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SSH Connection

I would like to run a script on box A that connects to box B, executes a
script there, then returns to complete the original script.  The user
accounts are different on each box.  Box A user is 'oracle', box B user is

I tried:

ssh servername -l ias /u01/ias/scripts/test_script.sh

but I'm prompted for a password.

I tried putting the password into the script where it seems to want it, but
again, I'm prompted for a password and it processes the password in the
script as a command.

Do I need to do something in the ssh_config?  known_hosts? authorized_keys?

I'm not thrilled with the thought of having the password in a script file.
So if there's a better way, I'm all for hearing it!

Thanks in advance...

Kelley Coleman
Database Administrator
VA Health Administration Center
Denver, Colorado

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