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RE: Fedora some more...

I download the iso's Fedora Core 2, from the oficial site and the disk was
fine (1 to 4).

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>Hmmm, interesting. Did you download CDs from the official Fedora ftp?
>Check for md5 sum, just in case. Next, verify that your CDs are ok
>before setup!


Well, sometimes I need a flashlight to find my head..
What I did was to download two iso's one day and then the other two the next
On the download site, there are two groups of files listed..
The first set of four are listed as FC3-i386-SRMS-disc1.iso and disc2.iso,
The second set is listed as FC3-i386-disc1.iso, etc.
There was my problem.
I had downloaded disk 1 and 3 from one group and the next day I downloaded 2
and 4 (who knows?)
from the other group because I didn't remember which group I had downloaded
from the day
Well, during the last attempt, I decided to do a media test and come to find
out, what I thought was
disk2 and 4 turns out to be disk 6 and 8... (???)
Someone should diddly-bop over to the download site and splain this stuff.
Maybe enlighten us as to what the first four disks are actually about?
(The one's with the "SRMS" in the filename)

..and yes... this time I got the message, "You finally got it right,
turkey!" on the 2nd cd.... j/k


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