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Re: Delicately aged RPMs?

At 01:05 PM 2/20/2004, Bob Gorman wrote:
>As a connoisseur of RPMs I sometimes like to savor them when lightly aged.  ... I desperately wish for a way to download RPMs in an automated fashion. ... What is a RPM enthusiast to do?

To answer my own question.  Here is my current solution.  It still requires the use of up2date, and you can only get the RPMS for the Channels that the machine is subscribed too.  But it is a step above nothing.

Wrap a shell script around, up2date --showall:

              Show  a  list of all packages available from the channels
              the system is currently subscribed  to,  including  those
              not currently installed.

Then compare the output of that to your RPM stash.  This will tell you what RPMS you are missing.

To get the RPMS, wrap another script around, up2date --get:

              Fetch  the  package specified without resolving dependen-

The rpms go into /var/spool/up2date, you can then integrate them into your stash.

Hope that helps somebody.

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