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Getting wifi-radar working (and fast!) on RHEL 4 WS

Two questions. One about getting wifi-radar to work from a Gnome
desktop icon, the other about performance of Centrino chipsets under
Linux in general.

I've managed to get wifi-radar 1.9.3 working on my IBM Thinkpad R51...
from the command line. Uncommenting 4 lines of the wifi-radar Python
source to use dhclient (and switching the last 2 of these around),
using /etc rather than /etc/conf.d to store the config file, and
changing the interface to eth1 seems to do the trick. Then sudo'ing so
that I could run everything from my normal user account.

However, I can't for love nor money get the python script to invoke
from a Gnome icon (the CLI version seems to keep status messages going
back to the terminal window every few seconds). Any ideas how to
change my sudo /usr/sbin/wifi-radar --config command line associated
with the icon to tip any screen output down a black hole? Or is there
something else i'm doing wrong??

Once I fix that, it's just performance I need to attend to. I can get
80-90Kb/s on Windows XP, but peak at 9Kb/s on RHEL WS 4 at the moment
with an identical hardware set-up (Centrino on the Thinkpad, Linksys
WAG54G as the wireless router). Anyone know if Intel have released
more up to date drivers??

Ian W.
Ian Waring - Simplicity Sells!
ian waring gmail com

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