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Re: Writing & Scheduling commands on RH9

El Lunes 06 Junio 2005 02:46, Angelo escribiĆ³:
> Hello all and thanks in advance.
> 1. I'd like to know which scripting language should I be writing
> scripts in for RH9 for system administration (which does the system
> recognize and is more robust for RH9)?

I prefer perl and bash scripts

> 2. Also, how can I schedule scripts that I write to run at certain times?

You can use cron, look at /etc/crontab file, where you can put hours, minutes, 
seconds, days, day of week....

> 3. How can I set up my system to run a script and track that it ran in
> one log? (I'm assuming it's the system log??)

You can use syslog

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