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Kernel file system support under RHEL

We have just recently acquired a few 24 x 400GB SATA servers with
3Com 9500S-12 controllers.  The 24 drives are configured into 2 x Raid 5
with the 9500S controllers, so each RAID set should have a capacity of

Under RHEL AS 3 update 3, the RAIDs are recognised as sda and sdb
with 2TB capacity each, as opposed to 4.

If I then mount RHEL AS 4, "fdisk -l" shows sda and sdb being 4TB each,
mke2fs -j /dev/sda or sdb will only make a 1.8GB file system on each
(1.8GB is not a typing mistake.)

I tried to check the kernel with make menuconfig, but I cannot find a
option to specify a larger file system.

Is this an oversight or a bug? 
The feature page on RedHat clearly states the support of 8TB under RHEL
AS 4.
Did try to check RedHat knowledge database and bugzilla but cannot
locate any reference.

By the way, the processors are dual AMD 248 with 4GB RAM, and I did
the x86-64 versions of the RHEL.

Any suggestion?  


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