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Re: Kernel file system support under RHEL

Only a possibility but it could be a LUN problem.
maybe you should check to see (on the raid arrays) if the logical drives
have been partitioned and so you should have CH X ID X LUN 0 and LUN 1
and so on. In which case you will have an sdc and sdd etc.

If this is the case and the kernel can't see them (check /var/log/dmesg)
then look at the raid controller and how it handles LUNS.
You may also need to add a line to /etc/modules.conf something like
scsi options max_mod_luns=128 (check this)
and then mkinitrd for a new randisk for the kernel.


On Mon 06 Jun 2005 at 15:40, Chiu, PCM (Peter) (P C M Chiu rl ac uk) wrote:
> We have just recently acquired a few 24 x 400GB SATA servers with
> 3Com 9500S-12 controllers.  The 24 drives are configured into 2 x Raid 5
> sets
> with the 9500S controllers, so each RAID set should have a capacity of
> 4TB.
> Under RHEL AS 3 update 3, the RAIDs are recognised as sda and sdb
> devices
> with 2TB capacity each, as opposed to 4.
> If I then mount RHEL AS 4, "fdisk -l" shows sda and sdb being 4TB each,
> but
> mke2fs -j /dev/sda or sdb will only make a 1.8GB file system on each
> device.
> (1.8GB is not a typing mistake.)
> I tried to check the kernel with make menuconfig, but I cannot find a
> suitable
> option to specify a larger file system.
> Is this an oversight or a bug? 
> The feature page on RedHat clearly states the support of 8TB under RHEL
> AS 4.
> Did try to check RedHat knowledge database and bugzilla but cannot
> locate any reference.
> By the way, the processors are dual AMD 248 with 4GB RAM, and I did
> select
> the x86-64 versions of the RHEL.
> Any suggestion?  
> Thanks.
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