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MS Outlook mail client errors connecting to IMAP


we are having problems with MS Outlook and MS Outlook only not playing
nicely with UWIMAP server installed on RH ES 3.

Users are complaining that with various frequency Outlook gives an error
that states something to the effect: "The IMAP mailserver has terminated
the connection". Sometimes it locks the PC and users have to reboot
losing their work. There are few other problems but this is the most common
and annoying.

The mail server is RH ES3 with postfix-2.0.16-14.RHEL3 and UW Imap-2004c1.
Only clients from the local network connect to it and this machine serves
as mail server only. No other services running on it.

Does anyone experience problems with MS Outlook? What setup would you
recommend that will make MS Outlook happy (MDA? MTA?)?

Users don't want to move away from Outlook because of all the other features
like calendar and schedulers so I have to tweak the server side.

Any suggestions are highly appreciated.

Thank you

Peter Blajev

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