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Apache Error Log Question

I'm not sure this is the correct venue for this Apache question.  Maybe it's
really an Oracle question? Maybe it's a java question?

I am receiving the following error multiple times in the Apache error logs:

[Mon Jun  6 09:44:13 2005] [warn] [client] MOD_OC4J_0007: Oc4j
process unique id:
ehost#OC4J_rehost#default_island parsed from cookie of session request:
/client/OutPatientClaimViewAction.do does not match to oc4j instance with
destination name: OC4J_rehost. Ignore this cookie.

This is generated by an Oracle application that is load balanced over two
application servers.  The instance.servername showing immediately after the
first # is the other server from where this log is located.  Meaning, this
log in on Apps8, the error references Apps5.  I'm curious what the next
number is immediately following the second # '125372'.  Could that be the
JSESSIONID? There are usually a cluster of errors with this same number
within several seconds of each other.

We believe we need to implement something called 'sticky routing' on our
load balancer to prevent the problem, but I'm trying to get a handle on what
the balancer is supposed to 'stick' on.

Any thoughts, comments appreciated.

Kelley Coleman
Database Administrator
VA Health Administration Center
Denver, Colorado

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