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Re: Configuring Red Hat to use Active Directory (RADIUS or LDAP)

On 6/7/05, Ed Wilts <ewilts ewilts org> wrote:
> On paper, the Vintela VAS product looks like the best option out there
> today.  We'll be demo'ing it later this summer - there is a free demo
> available.  There is a group policy product too.
> http://vintela.com/products/vas/
> I've yet to hear anything bad about the product other than price.

Hmm, I didn't think it would require a third party tool.  Maybe I
didn't explain what I was hoping to do.  Basically we have 10
Unix/Linux admins, that have local accounts on each server.  They use
those accounts for SSH/shell logins.

They also all have Windows Active Directory accounts.  To centralize
authentication, and keep passwords consistant, I was hoping to simply
point my RH servers at my ActiveDirectory LDAP database for
authentication.  I know in LDAP they have to have POSIX enabled, so
maybe the schema needs to be expanded to include their home directory?

But the end result I want is that we manage users (add/remove)
centrally in ActiveDirectory.   So if a user is enabled properly on
the ActiveDirectory server, they can log in to our Unix boxes
(interactively, not meaning Samba)


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