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Re: Redhat linux 7.3 problems

it looks like you have ext2 filesystems, which does need to be checked in
case of unclean shutdown, you can try and use ext3 or xfs, this will allow
you to restart quickly

but you'd much better try to find why your system hangs 
any console message ? 
any log input ? 
any hardware problem ?
maybe your power unit gets weak and needs to be changed, or some memory
chip begins losing bits...


A 20:43 07/06/2005 -0700, vous avez écrit :
>I am using redhat 7.3 
>Sometimes after booting and working in the machine for
>2-3 hours the machine hangs.
>I am not able to work in the machine.. 
>But when i restart the machine during the booting
>process ti verifies the file system and most of the
>time themachine agains go for a loong sleep when it
>reaches usr 95 % 
>Any solution to this problems.
>Currently 90% of the hard disk is used

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