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Re: Login restrictions in NIS environment


I thought asigns each service an IP (logically, a machine with multiple IPs), and then making use of a firewall (as iptables), restricting services use by rules. This only restrict by machines IPs/services, but not by users (I believe you only want restrict machines).

Also, other method is server use one IP, but using wrappers hosts.allow, hosts.deny by services and IP ranges. This method permits specify user rules (in theory):

sshd: user machine com <--- Applies to the specific user on the given computer. sshd: ALL EXCEPT user machine com <--- in hosts.deny, deny all except specific user from specific machine.

Good luck!

Richard Hobbs escribió:


Thanks for your response, but I don't quite understand it...

What do you mean by "Separe services by IPs"?

And how can I restrict logins per IP? Will this allow me to restrict certain
users from any IP, but to allow other users from any IP?

Thanks again,

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