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Re: Integrating RHE3 & Windows 2k3

Jason Williard wrote:
I have 5 servers (3 RHE3; 2 Win2k3) that would like to integrate with a
single authentication system.  The 2 Win2k3 servers are currently connected
via Active Directory and I have been experimenting with ways of connecting
RHE3 to Win2k3.  So far, I have tried Microsoft's Services for UNIX.  This
works, but only synchronizes the password for user's that already exist.
I would like to be able to manage users from a single system, either Windows
or Linux.  In the ideal situation, I could add, remove or modify users and
have the changes propagated to all systems.  The only solution that I have
been presented with so far is to use LDAP to connect to Active Directory and
provide authentication to the Linux systems.  However, I have run into a
couple problems.  With the documentation I have been able to find, I would
need one of two tools; Either Vintela's VAS or AD4Unix.  While VAS seems
like a good solution, it requires a larger expense than my company can
afford at this time.  As for AD4Unix, I have been unable to find a recent
distribution.  From what I can see, the development has halted.

With that, does anyone have any suggestions on what route I should take?
Thank You
Jason Williard

If it helps anyone, I found a pdf document (actually it's more of a book!) provided by MS that deals with this. I can't provide much more info at this stage as i'm in the process of working through the relevent parts myself, but it's certainly worth a look for anyone trying to intergrate linux into win2k3 AD.



Mark Farmer
Linux System Administrator

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