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Re: Login restrictions in NIS environment

My apologies, documentation says it works, but on my probes, don't detect ruser.

On /etc/hosts.deny, this works:
sshd: ALL@<HOST>

but this not works:
sshd: <ruser>@<HOST>

I probe on RHEL 4 AS.

I said 'in theory'....

Richard Hobbs escribió:


OK, I have now tried the following ideas, and none of them have worked:

1. Add the following to /etc/hosts.deny:
    sshd: rhobbs ALL, PARANOID

2. Add the following to /etc/security/access.conf:
    -:rhobbs nbaker:ALL

I didn't do the exact method that you suggested for "/etc/hosts.allow" and
"/etc/hosts.deny", because that seems to ban everything, and then let
certain things through. I want to let everything through, and just ban
certain users from sshd, so that's why I did step 1 in that way.

As for step 2, I don't know why this didn't work... The "access.conf" file
already existing, so I assume it is installed and running, but perhaps it is
not? I'll read the documentation on this one to see if it gives any

If you have any other advice, please let me know.

Thanks again,

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