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Re: logrotate

Shouldn't my local logrocate.conf file override /etc/logrotate.conf?

Let us say that the logrotate executable's configuration does not get overriden by the local conf file which I supply to it, shouldn't my logs be rotated anyway since they were created on 2001-01-01?

On 9 Jun 2005, at 13:26, replies-lists-redhat listmail innovate net wrote:

if you've set the logrotate interval to "daily" ((generally) top line
of /etc/logrotate.conf), then it only rotate daily (unless you use
the -f option as you found). if you try to rotate more frequently
than the logrotate interval you'll get no action (or the message with
the -v).

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Date: Thursday, June 09, 2005 12:25:19 PM +0200
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Subject: logrotate


in order to try to understand how logrotate works, I have created
dummy log files as follows

touch -t 200101011200 1.log
touch -t 200101011200 2.log
touch -t 200101011200 3.log

if I do a logrotate on those files with the -v option, logrotate
tells me that those files don't need rotating (I have made the
rotation daily with no size restriction, in my conf file).

adding data to those files (yes > 1.log) makes no difference.

The rotation only works if I use the -f option.

Does anyone know what the criteria that make logrotate rotate a
file are?

Many thanks.


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