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RE: NIS and ssh problem

Problems fixed.
After restart ssh service the system recognize the NIS account .

[]'s Paulo

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Subject: NIS and ssh problem
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I use RHES 3 and I'm having problems with ssh login using a NIS user
If I use a local user account ssh allows login but if I use a NIS
account ssh refuses the connection.
In my /var/log/message I've the following messages:
Jun  9 13:52:13 HOSTNAME sshd(pam_unix)[24850]: check pass; user unknown
Jun  9 13:52:15 HOSTNAME sshd(pam_unix)[24850]: 2 more authentication
failures; logname= uid=0 euid=0 tty=NODEVssh ruser= rhost=HOSTNAME2 

Any suggestion?

Paulo Renato Silva de Rezende
Siemens Com NSC R&D
Fone: +55-41 3341-5387  Fax: 3341-5620
paulo rezende siemens com

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