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Re: php+gd not working after upgrade !!!

PHP's GD support is now included as a separate package. You can install the php-gd package from CD, or from up2date by using the following command:

up2date --install php-gd

Restart apache and you should be good to go.

--James Cooley

On Jun 10, 2005, at 8:32 PM, Jhonnier Guzman Granada wrote:

Hi to all !!!

PHP was working properly wth GD support prior to the upgrade(Red Hat V3). After the upgrade (Red Hat v4) the i output the phpinfo() information to the web browser and it shows the configuration line that was used in the first installation, but it doesn't show the information of the gd library installed. I ran the applications that use gd funtions and they show errors trying to load the functions, it's as if there's was no gd library installed.

Thanks !!!!

<html><div>Jhonnier Guzman Granada</div></html>

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