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Re: e-mail scan

Rushan Sobar wrote:
> hi all,
> I know its not the right place to ask this directly but maybe some of you using this so they can advise.
> anyone can advice which better to use as e-mails virus canner on REDHAT 9 sendmail  the :
> AMaViSD-New or MailScanner ?

I run MailScanner and love it, but I'll never say Amavis is bad, since I
never tried it.  I think the biggest difference is that Amavis is more
like a network daemon, and MailScanner is more a daemon that plays
within a box, through the FS.  I've seen some comparison between both,
but I can't see any is better than the other one.  I'm managing ~13
MailScanner servers and I can't really complain.  One thing, for sure,
is that the support on the MailScanner mailing list is very good.  I
don't know about Amavis'.

If you'd like to try MailScanner, maybe you should try SMGateway, which
is a commercial product based on MailScanner with many othe packages,
very easy to install and configure.  Product is free, updates are
decently priced.




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