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Re: e-mail scan

On the other side of the fence, I've never tried MailScanner, but use Amavisd-new, with the HBED+V AntiVir engine. As noted, it acts as a daemon, and teh MTA (in my case, Postfix) receives the mail, passes it to amavisd on port 10024, which passes it back to the MTA on port 10025.

In addition to supporting the use of a bevy of virus scanning engines, it can also make sue of SpamAssassin and Razor (together or individually) to check for and fight spam.

On Tue, 14 Jun 2005, Ugo Bellavance wrote:

Rushan Sobar wrote:
hi all,

I know its not the right place to ask this directly but maybe some of you using this so they can advise.

anyone can advice which better to use as e-mails virus canner on REDHAT 9 sendmail  the :

AMaViSD-New or MailScanner ?

I run MailScanner and love it, but I'll never say Amavis is bad, since I
never tried it.  I think the biggest difference is that Amavis is more
like a network daemon, and MailScanner is more a daemon that plays
within a box, through the FS.  I've seen some comparison between both,
but I can't see any is better than the other one.  I'm managing ~13
MailScanner servers and I can't really complain.  One thing, for sure,
is that the support on the MailScanner mailing list is very good.  I
don't know about Amavis'.

If you'd like to try MailScanner, maybe you should try SMGateway, which
is a commercial product based on MailScanner with many othe packages,
very easy to install and configure.  Product is free, updates are
decently priced.




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