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Re: e-mail scan

Mike Burger wrote:
> On the other side of the fence, I've never tried MailScanner, but use
> Amavisd-new, with the HBED+V AntiVir engine.  As noted, it acts as a
> daemon, and teh MTA (in my case, Postfix) receives the mail, passes it
> to amavisd on port 10024, which passes it back to the MTA on port 10025.

With MailScanner, the MTA puts the messages in one directory,
MailScanner picks it up, processes it, then puts it back in another
directory, where it is picked up by the MTA and delivered.  I guess
Amavis has an advantage here since it can be run on another server than
the MTA.  However, it is so easy to run 2 load-balanced MX that it may
not be that much of an advantage.  MailScanner is probably more
efficient since there is no network processing.

> In addition to supporting the use of a bevy of virus scanning engines,
> it can also make sue of SpamAssassin and Razor (together or
> individually) to check for and fight spam.

Same here with MailScanner.  Supports more AV scanner than you can
afford :).  Filetype, filename phishing and dangerous HTML filtering.
And supports all SA plugins, of course... razor, pyzor, DCC.  However,
you must use SpamAssassin to use those plugins.  MailScanner can use
DNSBL, but it is less used than before.  Most people either use them in
SpamAsssasin or at the MTA level.

If you ever want to try MailScanner, you can go see the Most Asked
Questions page I maintain on the MailScanner Wiki.


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