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Re: Up2date can't update kernel (RHEL WS 4)

>> Unresolvable chain of dependencies:
>> kernel_2.6.9-11.EL conflicts with ipw2200-firmware <2.2
>> Does anyone know if updates to stuff on the RHEL "extras" CD
>> eventually catch up with the new kernel releases, or is some manual
>> intervention required?

>Are you subscribed to the Extras channel? The updated
ipw2200-firmware is located there.

Hi John,

Brilliant. Now fixed... albeit the facility to add the extras channel
for my machine took a bit of experimentation to stick. Not too
intuitive first time around, but once I got there, everything went


>I had a firmware dependency problem that went away when I ran
>up2date --hardware
>to send a hardware profile to RedHat network.

Thankyou Grant. I'll do that when i'm back in work in the morning!

Ian W.
Ian Waring - Simplicity Sells!
Computacenter Distribution
Maidenhead, UK.
ian waring gmail com

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