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Nfs share problem

Hi all,

I have mounted an iso image on a RedHat ES via /etc/fstab with 

/isocd/iso/LinuxCDBookshelf.iso /mnt/iso/LinuxCDBookshelf iso9660
ro,loop,auto,unhide 0 0

I try now to export it with nfs, so I have defined in /etc/exports : 

[root Linprd01 LinuxCDBookshelf]# cat /etc/exports
/mnt/iso     ,insecure,nohide,all_squash)

When I execute showmount -e localhost, I receive : 

[root Linprd01 LinuxCDBookshelf]# showmount -e localhost
Export list for localhost:

On another Linux server, I try to mount the share with 
 mount /mnt/cdimages

I have access to /mnt/cdimages/LinuxCDBookshelf but the directory is
empty !

mount /mnt/cdimages
[root LINSYS01 /]# cd /mnt/cdimages/LinuxCDBookshelf/
[root LINSYS01 LinuxCDBookshelf]# ls
[root LINSYS01 LinuxCDBookshelf]# ls -a
..  ..

Can you help me please ?

Kind regards.


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