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Re: restrict a normail unix user from going anywhere

> Ahh.....got to know what exactly you want. The best thing is to make the 
> user use restricted bash - rbash.
> To do this, edit the /etc/passwd file. 
> If the user name is "test", then you might have line like this in 
> /etc/passwd:
> test:x:503:503:test:/home/test:/bin/bash
> Now change it to: test:x:503:503:test:/home/test:/bin/rbash # (Note the 
> rbash here instead of bash)
> This will give the user a restricted shell from the next time he does a 
> login. It will not even allow the user to use a "/" in the command line. 

there is no rbash under my /bin directory, is it come by default?  Is there any different if it is
for remote or local user?

[root xxxx bin]# ls | grep rbash
[root xxxx bin]# 
[root xxxx bin]# locate rbash

> For example, if the user does -> test$ cd /etc --> This will say "Error: cd 
> restricted"
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