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password protectoion

Dear RedHat,

My name is Anton Antonov and I’m a system administrator in Neterra Bulgaria. In our office we have LAN including Linux and Windows desktops. We have server running under Red Hat Linux 7.2 with kernel 2.4.28. On this server we have Samba v.2.2 for Windows based Desktop Machines and NFS for Linux based Desktop Machines. Using this server we have encountered a problem which we cannot solve. We need software that can restrict the access to several directories by password and at the same time all the users who have access to these directories to be able to access them simultaneously.

First we tried to solve this problem by exporting several directories by Samba and to protect them by NIS passwords. The problem that we met here was that the Linux users couldn’t modify the permissions to the files which they create.

After that we tried with some encryption tools like BCrypt. The problem this time was that when there was a user logged in, no one else could get access to the same directory.

At the end we tried with Cryptoloop and Twofish encryption, but we couldn’t find a tool that mounts encrypted file system on a Windows Desktop Installation. We exported this encrypted file systems via NFS and mounted them on all Linux Desktop Installations using loop devices. Not long after we found out that if somebody changes any file, the other desktop installations can see that change only if they remount the encrypted file system.

I’m sure there are other decisions to that problem, but apparently they are out of my knowledge. I’m kindly asking you for HELP!!!

I’m looking forward to your forthcoming reply.

Regards, Anton Antonov

Anton Antonov
Network Operations Center
Neterra Ltd.
Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone:  +359 2 974 33 11
Fax:    +359 2 975 34 36
Mobile: +359 888 929 966

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