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Re: Fedora core 4 and MySQL problems

On Tue, 28 Jun 2005, Peter Smith wrote:

Ugo Bellavance wrote:

Leila Lappin wrote:

I thought mysql-4.1.11-2 would be the only package
required to install everything MySQL server needed.
Have I missed something?

Yes.  Go to www.mysql.com and see how many rpm packages that are
available.  Or do a yum search mysql.


RedHat give you mysql, but seem to think that the actual database is an optional extra.

Like buying a car and finding the engine is optional.

Actually, it is nothing like that at all.

Not everyone wants to have a machine setup with a mysql server, what about the case when all you want to do is connect back to a server box from a client machine ? (lets say, a cluster of 20 web servers all talking back to a common database server)

Why should you be required to install mysql-server on all of these boxes when it will never be used ?

The mysql package installs as part of the bits that are required for all the other packages to do with mysql to work. then you can choose to install the other aspects of mysql to taylor the install to what YOU want it to do.

Kinda like buying a base car then adding options like 4wd, ABS, air bags, alloy wheels, in car navigation, etc.


Only in your world.


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