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RE: "Proxy" server needed - Web Access Monitor?

Usually that stuff is placed into a text file (so to speak) and then squid
or alternative programs parse the logs.  I know that SCO Unix server has
this capability.  Surprisingly, though, depending on traffic, this log file
can be rather large.  While in college we did a C program that could parse
the logs to find only symbolic domains, list the top 20, and give you quite
a bit of data.  As per something off the shelf or something on board Linux,
you've got me.  :-)  Hope this helps.

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Robert Williams
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Covenant Data Systems, Inc.
rwilliams covenantdata com  
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Hi All,

I have a need for a service or software that will monitor and track 
outbound HTTP (web) accesses, and report what pages are being visited.
I know that Squid theoretically can do this, but it seems like overkill 
for this application.  The user could care less about caching - they 
just want to monitor what URL's their staff is visiting.

IS squid the best option, or is there something else that would do a 
better job?  Part of my concern is that the machine they have to run 
this on does not have a huge amount of memory, and I understand Squid 
can be a memory hog.



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