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Re: modem working

Shiraz Baig wrote:
I have installed a us robotics modem.
When I try to run minicom, it does not recognise the
modem and also says that it is not installed. This is
not very serious. I can live without minicom.

The serious thing is that when I wish to install it
thru network devices, the system refuses to recognise
the modem.

On the other hand, when I run kppp, it not only
recognises the modem but also dials it and I can surf
the Internet.

I would start with looking in kppp (I am not familiar with this APP)
and making a note of all of the information it shows.
Like what device name is it using?  (/dev/cua0 or /dev/ttyS1 or something)

Then check setserial -a (device name)
to make sure that Linux has configured the serial port appropriately.

Then start minicom and do "CTRL-Z O" that is "oh" not "zero"
use the arrow keys to check serial port setup menu item
and make sure that minicom is configured to attempt to use the
same serial device that kppp successfully used.

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