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Re: Converting from Xwindows to Text mode

If your current runlevel is 3, look at /etc/rc3.d/S??x*  if exists an
script thats starts X (Per example /etc/rc3.d/S13gdm). You can remove or
rename it (Rename S13gdm-->_S13gdm)


Shiraz Baig escribió:

>I am trying to convert an Xwindow machine into a text
>mode one. So, that when I login, I go to the Text
>mode. And then use startx, whenever I wish to do so,
>to go to Xwindows.
>I have made two changes to /etc/inittab
>One is the default line, where I changed runlevel 5 to
>3. Then in the end the respawn line, where I changed
>runlevel 5 to 3.
>But, still my machine logs into Xwindows. I thought,
>there might be some command in system-wide profile
>file or somewhere. So, I renamed the startx command.
>But it still did not work. I did not try renaming xdm
>and xinit. My machine still boots into Xwindows mode.
>Could someone, tell me, why my machine is not booting
>into a text mode, when I have changed the inittabe
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