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My mondo adventure

Hello, all.

I'm cross-posting this message.

Thanks to some help from a couple of souls on redhat-list redhat com, I've been able to duplicate my RedHat ES3 installation onto a duplicate machine. I wanted to post my experience and am open to any answers to my (sometimes implied) questions.

So, I decided that I was going to use Mondo to archive one of my ES3 machines and clone it on a different machine. My machine doesn't have a CD-W drive, so I backed up to my hard drive, used scp to copy the files to my laptop, and burned them from there. I put CD 1 in the drive and rebooted. I had a few... hiccups (is the correct spelling of this really hiccough... dictionary.com says both are correct: http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=hiccough ) along the way. The restoration told me that my hard drive had a gap, and that a total of 9KB weren't assigned on two different partitions. Because of this (I think), I was unable to do a nuke restoration, and had to go with interactive. I filled the 9KB and kept on my merry way, exchanging disks along the way, and rebooted when it was all said and done. But the BIOS told be I had no boot sector (?). So, this took some digging. I used my Red Hat disk 1 and went to the rescue functionality and typed linux rescue at the command prompt. I did 'chroot /mnt/sysimage' (location of my installation) and /sbin/grub-install /dev/sda3 (location of /boot). I rebooted, only to receive a message that the boot process couldn't find the /home filesystem. Some research led me to modify the /etc/mtab file to match the source machine's, and then, I got a reboot. It WORKED!

Questions / Comments:

Do it again.
Do it step by step as you work
Stop if you get stuck (or don't know your boot partition) and figure out what you've done
Keep a log
Why doesn't mondo just copy all of the boot stuff/ grub.conf file and all that?
Why doesn't mondo copy the mtab file?

Thanks for the help, and I wish you well in your mondo adventures.


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