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RE: Install & Config Oracle RAC solution on RHAS 4

Hi James ,

I am using redhat linux ia64 on hp box , and oracle rac. ( with 2
nodes) and OCFS. (oracle clsutered file system -) , emc disk sorage -
raid 10.

This is a datawarehouse and db size is 2TB. 

I will be appreciated to share information.


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Subject: Install & Config Oracle RAC solution on RHAS 4

Hello Everyone,

I will soon have the fortune to install and configure an Oracle RAC
solution on
a RHAS linux cluster. The server will be on an HP Proliant DL380 G4

Has anyone else out there listening set this environment up before? Any
type of
similar experiences with building clusters would be appreciated. 

I took the Red Hat Enterprise and Deployment & Systems Management classs
year so I have a good understanding of clumanager; however I have yet to
one outside of the class. I guess I have concerns on configuring the
storage to the 2 nodes of the cluster. The class environment had us
setup a
simple www cluster and I'm not sure how an Oracle RAC solution would

I am very excited about finally putting this knowledge to use and would
like to
make sure I take everything into consideration.



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