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Re: Any tutorials/fundamentals, advice needed

Bharadwaj wrote:
Good Evening Every body,

1) I am working as QA Engineer,I want to leran Linux , Can anybody tell any
best practices to learn Linux..
Any Good websites / tutorials/ ebooks/ mailing lists.



Good places to start, as is this mailing list.

2) Daily If I spent 2 hours do u think I can learn linux with in 6 months.
let us say  a level of (4 out 10)

Depends on what you try to learn. I don't think ANYONE can know about 100% things Linux at any one time, but if you're basically logically apt, I'd say you'll be fine in that time span.

3) Initiatly what are all areas are most importent for linux professional.?

Whatever areas you will specialise in I guess. A knowledge of linux networking is a must in my opinion.


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