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RHEL + software RAID-1 with GRUB

I'm working on a personal project and would like to create software RAID-1 with GRUB on RHEL 4.1. Simple configuration: 2 physical hard drives that I want to mirror the following partitions on:

/boot - 100MB
swap - 1024MB
/       - remainder of the drive

I can create all that while running RHEL installer using Disk Druid, but when I reboot the system, it doesn't 'see' the boot partition and won't boot. My research on Google indicates that GRUB has a problem booting from software RAID....? Or that you need to set the persistent-superblock? Unfortunately nothing I've tried worked, and I can't get this system to boot at all.

I couldn't find any resources online that would have more detailes into on how to go around this GRUB limitation, or how to properly set this up using Disk Druid during RHEL installation. All documents I've seen assume you have a bootable drive and the RAID you create is on second/third drives. All I want is a simple system with 2 physical drives and complete mirror (RAID-1) between the two, while keeping them bootable. How does one make GRUB boot off a software RAID-1 /boot partition??

Suggestions, ideas, step-by-step setup instructions or online resources - much appreciated!


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