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Re: RHEL + software RAID-1 with GRUB

Hello Chris,



Thursday, October 6, 2005, 2:54:00 AM, you wrote:

C> I'm working on a personal project and would like to create software RAID-1
C> with GRUB on RHEL 4.1.  Simple configuration:  2 physical hard drives that I
C> want to mirror the following partitions on:

C> /boot - 100MB
C> swap - 1024MB
C> /       - remainder of the drive

C> I can create all that while running RHEL installer using Disk Druid, but
C> when I reboot the system, it doesn't 'see' the boot partition and won't
C> boot.  My research on Google indicates that GRUB has a problem booting from
C> software RAID....?  Or that you need to set the persistent-superblock?
C> Unfortunately nothing I've tried worked, and I can't get this system to boot
C> at all.

C> I couldn't find any resources online that would have more detailes into on
C> how to go around this GRUB limitation, or how to properly set this up using
C> Disk Druid during RHEL installation.  All documents I've seen assume you
C> have a bootable drive and the RAID you create is on second/third drives.
C> All I want is a simple system with 2 physical drives and complete mirror
C> (RAID-1) between the two, while keeping them bootable.  How does one make
C> GRUB boot off a software RAID-1 /boot partition??

C> Suggestions, ideas, step-by-step setup instructions or online resources -
C> much appreciated!

C> Chris

Best regards,
 Vlad                            mailto:vlad nkmz donetsk ua

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