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Re: EXIM - fallback to smarthost

At 08:44 AM 10/6/2005, Gary Stainburn, had this to say :

Hi folks.

My live server is Exim 3, but I'm in the process of updating to a new
box running Exim 4.

I don't have a smarthost set and SMTP delivery is set direct as I prefer
this for both performance and logging reasons.

However, I have just chaanged ISPs and for some reason my IP address
range is on an RBL.

Is it possible with both versions to configure it so that it tries to
deliver directly, but fall back to my ISP's SMTP relay if it fails.



Exim does have this feature. Check the docs for the syntax. I had set it up once but it did not work as I liked. I wanted it to do the same thing you do but for whatever reason I could not make it work. Maybe you will have better luck than I did. :)


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