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RE: X server issues

Friendly folk we may be, but the X experts are in another castle... ;)

It sounds like you have 2 issues with your Xserver.  One, the
window-focus issue is probably a simple setting hidden somewhere
in the open.  RTfM for that.  Second, it sounds like your Xserver
is misconfigured, or possibly has a conflict with your video driver.

For more detailed help, you really need to
a) provide more information about what Xserver you are even using,
b) Ask the people responsible for said Xserver,
c) ask on the mailinglist for said xserver.  (cygwin?  xorg? exceed?)

Warm Regards,

Gavin McDonald
EVI Logistic Enterprises
email: me gavitron com
phone: (604) 313-3845

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> This may not be a redhat problem, but you seem like friendly folks.
> Hi.
> I'm using Cygwin on my XP laptop to ssh into my ES3 box.  When I overlap
> multiple windows, they don't display properly- they become transparent
> and often show output from one of the other windows.  Also, I get
> strange behavior- in any of my X Windows, it is necessary for my mouse
> to be in the window for me to type in the window.
> Any help?
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