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Re: RE : how to run dos base program under linux

Use wine
One can also run ms windows base program by proper setup.

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On 10/12/05, Alexandru E. Ungur <alexandru globalterrasoft ro> wrote:
> >>> sender: "Philippe Couas" date: "Wed, Oct 12, 2005 at 07:57:13AM +0200"
> <<<EOQ
> > Install an Virtual Machine VMWARE in your Linux
> > http://www.vmware.com
> Pardon me, but isn't that like using a cannon to catch mosquitos :D ?
> There are two projects specifically dedicated to runing MS-DOS programs
> under Linux, and they both do a great job at doing that:
> dosbox - http://dosbox.sf.net
> dosemu - http://www.dosemu.org
> Dosbox has a unique feature that lets you mount, from within the DOS
> session,
> folders from the Linux tree, and it's really easy to get it started,
> usually
> you can just run it right away, once you installed it. Then from inside of
> DOS you do a:
> mount c: /path/to/your-MS-DOS-files
> A nice day to everyone,
> Alex
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