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RE: ipconfig No RUNNING message

OK, I secure shell to that interface specifically from my desktop with
the other interface down.  I thought I stated that in my first email.  I
don't see what being on the same subnet has to do with pinging the card
from another machine.  If I am able to ping the card and or secure shell
to the card the interface is up.  Of course I have in on the same
subnet.  I have a vlan, and all my servers and my desktop are on the
same subnet to save on network traffic.  The rest of my company is on a
separate subnet (keeps them away from me).  I am setting up a new Oracle
RAC and to install the ASM database, it want's to see "RUNNING" in the
output from ifconfig, from both the primary interface and the interface
I am using for the private interconnect.  Can you tell me how I could
secure shell to this interface via putty on my W2K box with the other
interface down, if it wasn't running, whether it is on the same subnet
or not? 

Brian Pyle
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On Wed, Oct 12, 2005 at 09:02:56AM -0700, Pyle, Brian wrote:
> I repeat.... "The interface is completely functional"  It just doesn't

> show RUNNING in the stdout when I run the ifconfig.

How do you really know it's fully functional?  Shutting down one of the
interfaces and ping'ing something else on the same subnet doesn't verify
it since BOTH interfaces are on the same subnet.  Did you tcpdump the
interface to see what's going on?

Change the IP address for one of the interfaces and see what happens.

Ed Wilts, RHCE
Mounds View, MN, USA
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