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RE: Remote update of systems - how do I block this?


I understand.  Thanks, I'm a lot less worried now.


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Cannon, Andrew enlightened us with the following gems on 14/10/05 11:32:
> Hi All,
> I found out yesterday that there is an option to remotely update your
> with the latest Red hat patches.  What is the configuration for this and
> do I block it?  Specifically, what settings do I need to apply to our
> corporate firewall to block the inbound connections?  
This is normally managed through up2date and RHN - there should really
be no way that an external host can force your system to update itself,
if that is what worries you.

The way this is intended to work is....
1) you log in to https://rhn.redhat.com
2) you schedule a package install for you machine
3) every so often your machine will check in with rhn (the command it
actually runs is /usr/sbin/rhn_check) and then perform the action you
have scheduled

so all actions are instigated locally, not remotely

does this ease your mind a tad?

if you just want to disable checking for updates (automatic installation
is *off* by default) then
chkconfig rhnsd off
service rhnsd stop


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